Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catching Up

Good Morning Y’all! Sorry I have been MIA the past few months. After moving to our new apartment, David and I went without internet and TV for over a month!..I know right…and when we finally did get internet back I was just starting my fall semester. I feel like all I’m doing lately is trying to constantly catch up! Unfortunately because of my hectic schedule…oh yeah did I mention I started a new job as well? Anyways it has made it hard to stick to my workout routine and eating habits like I was this summer. However, I am tired of feeling “off-beat” lately and I think my lack of running is a big contributor to that. So, I’m going all in! Back to running, Back to Blogging, Back to healthy meals, and Healthy meal creations! WooHoo..who’s excited?!

I woke up this morning, which is the first morning I’ve had off from both school and work in the past month, ate breakfast, which was pumpkin pie Greek yogurt topped with some chocolate fiber one, watched the today show and then went for a run. I did 3.4 miles, not my longest run(no even close) and definitely not my best time, but I felt so amazing when I was finished and it makes me realize what a big part of my life running is like my therapy..and I see how it affects my mood when I’m not doing it! So here’s to my first day back and the excitement to follow!


Breakfast Lately

I haven't completely gone haywire with my eating habits I still eat relatively healthy every day, but I have let my splurging get a little out of control ( I've gained about 7 lbs..yikes!!) but I'm getting a handle on it before it goes any farther! So I wanted to share some of my tasty breakfast meals with you guys that I've really been enjoying lately.


Cake batter Overnight Oats


photo 1(1)



PB&J Protein Pancakes


photo 1



French Toast Oats

photo 2(1)




PB and Apple Overnight Oats

photo 2



Dark Chocolate covered Cherry Overnight Oats

photo 3



Greek Yogurt Bowl with raspberries, raisins, and granola

photo 4



PB Oatmeal with Banana and Oatmeal Squares (which are highly addictive FYI)

photo 5

Now I’m off to work on some things I’ve been putting off for a while! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and remember, it’s never to late to try and be the best that you can! We all hit bumps in the road but we have to remember what it is we want, and know that we are fully capable of achieving that! Have a good day!

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  1. I need the recipes for all these breakfast ideas! They sound delish!